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According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 100,000 car washes in the U.S., with people spending approximately $5.8 Billion on car washes each year. Yet the quality of these washes and details varies widely, and often these details result in permanent damage to paint through the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning techniques. Rich Detail uses the highest quality supplies and the finest craftsmanship to protect your car. Our Tampa Bay mobile detailing service uses a waterless wash, meaning that we can detail your car anywhere that is most convenient to you, without the mess or noise of traditional detailers. We will meet you at your office, home, or even lunch meeting - we can detail your car anywhere! To experience The Rich Detail Difference, please select from our world-class packages below:

Before and After Rich Detail

Audi Tires Before and After
Porsche Before & After
Audi Before & After
BMW Before and After
Mat Before and After
BMW Before and After
Headlight Before and After

$179 S

$249 M

$299 L

Premium, eco-friendly hand wash & wax of complete exterior, including tires, rims, and gas cap | Remove debris from front hood and trunk jamb | Degrease and clean door jambs and trunk jambs | Clean all external and internal windows, mirrors, and glass with a streak-free wash | Deep vacuum all seats, floors, mats, and crevices | Clean, apply a UV protectant to, & and vacuum door handles, door jambs, dashboard, cupholders, AC vents, gauges, steering wheel, all interior compartments, headliners, sun visors, and grab handles

Any car with two doors -- a coup, 2-door sedan, etc.

Coupes & Sedans with 4 doors, small hatchback SUVs & smaller, etc. 

SUVs larger than a hatchback, mid-size SUVs, Large SUVs, Trucks, etc.