Your average car wash uses at least 35 gallons of water, and often up to 120, depending on where you go. Our waterless wash uses no water, except for what is already in the chemicals we use to detail, which is less than 32 ounces on average. Even when we wash the microfiber towels we use to detail your car, we use less than 5 gallons. Our waterless wash is eco-friendly, which means it's for the environment.

Cleaning the Beach


Not only do we preserve our natural resources, but we also volunteer in our community to keep it beautiful. Check out our social media profiles for pictures of past volunteer activities, and to join us for future community events! 


Rich Detail is proud to be a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, by the Solar Impulse Foundation. As a member, we abide by their charter and the United Nations Global Compact Principles, laid out here. We work with our partner companies to innovate environmental improvements, and to continually raise the standard for sustainability in business worldwide.

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