frequently asked questions

How does Rich Detail wash my car without water?

We use a unique blend of chemicals along with ultra-premium microfiber towels to gently remove all dirt and debris from your car by hand. This eliminates the mess, noise, and environmental damage of water washes, while also being more gentle on your car.

Rich Detail was created with the singular mission to help propel those people who refuse to be anything less than elite, while being positive stewards of our community and environment with every action we take. 

What makes Rich Detail superior to all of the other companies out there?

How is Rich Detail different from other car detailers? 

Rich Detail brings a level of professionalism, timeliness, attention to detail, and sustainability to the detailing industry that has never before been present. We don't settle for anything less than the best, always.

How does Rich Detail stay on the cutting edge of the industry? 

Not only do we work with the best vendors in the world to source our detailing supplies, we regularly research new and better ways to detail. We are certified members of the International Detailing Association. This keeps us on the leading edge of auto detailing methods and technology.

How does Rich Detail prevent depreciation of my car?

We ensure your car stays looking brand new, no matter how much time has gone by. The new buyer or dealership will focus less on the miles when they see how good your car looks. For our Rich Detail club members, we keep detailed maintenance records of every car detail, thereby reducing the loss in your car's value.

How does Rich Detail save me time? 

We come to you, wherever you want. Don't waste any time waiting around at a car wash, when you could be closing a deal at a meeting, all while having your car detailed without thought. 

How do most detailers damage cars? 

Compounds and Polishes can commonly damage paint if applied or used incorrectly. Dirty rags that have fallen on the ground can pick up debris and get dragged across the car, creating scratches. Any cloth material used on cars that is not microfiber can damage cars.