Rich History

Rich Detail was born of a vision for a completely superior detailing experience. At the time of Rich Detail's founding, detailing was largely unprofessional, unregulated, and unreliable. Founders Brandon and Arielle Pierpont dreamed of transforming this industry to one of prestige, while doing good for the community and the environment. They saw the need for a responsible and ethical company that could serve clients much better than ever before.

Sand Desert


Rich Detail was one of the pioneers in offering mobile waterless washes, and is still one of the few in the Tampa Bay area to offer it. Through a unique, highest-quality blend of premium chemicals and microfiber towels, Rich Detail is able to obtain a wash, shine, and protection like no other. 

White glove service


Rich Detail was one of the first mobile detailers to ensure that their detailers were vetted professionals, and that the company was licensed, bonded and insured. This high level of professionalism can be seen in the uniforms that every one of our employees wears while performing auto details.


Rich Detail continues to innovate the industry of auto detailing. We regularly scour the Earth to always bring you the best possible experience.