Our customers are some of the best in the country, and for that we thank you, Tampa Bay! . Success abounds as much as the sun in this beautiful, coastal city, making it the perfect location to shake up the detailing industry.


Here in The Sunshine State, whether its skin care or car care, we're sun protection experts. The same UV rays that damage skin, damage car paint. These rays oxidize paint, making them less reflective and more dull. Some colors, like red, are especially susceptible to being quickly oxidized. UV rays also fade and crack the interior of even the most luxurious cars. Our waxes and interior cleaners protect your car paint and interior against UV rays, and our shiny wax optimizes reflectiveness. 

Young Woman in Sun Hat on Beach
Tropical Storm


Tampa Bay is known as the land of the hurricanes. Our tropical climate means that it rains frequently, especially in the summer. Our waxes repel water, even weeks after your detail, to keep your paint clean and your journey clear.