The CHeetah


In animal nomenclature, the broader category of animal is termed a genus, and the individual animal type is known as a species. Unlike other big cats, the cheetah is the only member of its genus, the Acinonyx. The cheetah stands apart, just like you do. 

Like the cheetah, your car is the fastest and nicest around. Like you, the cheetah is agile, unique, and has a high success rate in its endeavors. You value movement and accomplishment, both of which are perfectly embodied in the cheetah. 

At Rich Detail, we chose the cheetah in our logo because it best represents you, our customers. It resembles everything we want to uphold for you in our standards. 

Our company mission is to improve the lives of our clients through providing excellent and reliable service while affecting positive change in our community.

Our details, like the cheetah, are in a class of their own. They far exceed any and all current detail standards. Just as the cheetah has a unique capability to elongate its body while running, Rich Detail has a unique capability to provide you with a detailing experience and results unlike any you have known before. 

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